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Dean Haspiel


27th June 2016

10:58am: Word Balloon Podcast: Dean Haspiel's Red Hook Takes Back Brooklyn
Me & John Siuntres talk The Red Hook, "Hail Hydra", Tony Curtis & Yaddo + more on The Word Balloon podcast http://wordballoon.libsyn.com/word-balloon-podcast-dean-haspiels-red-hook-takes-back-brooklyn
11:02am: Comic Book Decalogue episode 11: Dean Haspiel
 photo Haspiel_RedHook_ComicBookDecalogue_zpsocqxepon.jpg

"On the eleventh installment of Comic Book Decalogue, Dean Haspiel (The Quitter, Beef with Tomato) talks the dual impacts of Jack Kirby and Prince, as well as his new serial, The Red Hook."

Listen here: http://www.tcj.com/episode-11-dean-haspiel/
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