June 6th, 2016


GOD SLAP debuts

Brother Science tests your faith in GOD SLAP! Debuting 6-6-16: http://www.godslapcomic.com/

 photo GODSLAP_zpsoyvj3tii.jpg
(art by David Trustman)

by David Trustman

...and on the eighth day David Trustman and Dean Haspiel created GOD SLAP.

It started when I posted a video of various preachers manipulating their flocks, slapping and shoving demons from their bodies. Dean almost immediately messaged me saying that there was a comic just waiting to be plucked out; something with preachers having duels, flinging their godly powers about. Fast-forward to Wizard World Raleigh in March of 2015. While sharing Dean’s table we crafted a hero named Brother Science, a young black man sentenced to life in prison for smoking a joint. Ten years into his sentence, the apocalypse happens. Saved by The Lord Science and one true God, Brother Science gets evolved! With his giant hands he sets out to heal the world by slapping the Jesus out of people.

Accompanying the new Messiah is a ten-year-old orphan girl named Little Bitch. Brother Science battles believers and recruits disciples on his way to the ultimate showdown with Emperor Eclipse and the Choke Brothers, the folks who incited the apocalypse.
GOD SLAP came about a full year before “bathroom hysteria” gripped my home state. It came before “gay marriage” simply became “marriage.” Fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, every advancement in societal norms sets off a wondrous range of world-ending prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled. These prophecies are bombarded on the public-at-large daily by dozens of talking heads, each peddling their own brand of panic. It was in this hysteria where Dean and I found ultimate inspiration.

Imagine for a moment a world where all the craziest worst-case scenarios actually came into existence. What would that world look like? For us, it was horrifically funny. Terrifying, but humorous nonetheless. Drawing on actual scenarios laid out by religious leaders, pundits and politicians, GOD SLAP is a comic that takes on conservative rhetoric, literally, in the most fun way possible through explicitly graphic portrayal.

GOD SLAP features Brother Science and Little Bitch, along with a congregation of disciples like Black Tyrone, unexpected allies like Captain Jesus, and arch-nemesis the likes of Church Tyson and Emperor Eclipse.

The original version of this essay appeared at Bleeding Cool: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/05/24/wtf-is-god-slap/

Word of the Nerd reviews The Red Hook

Christopher Calloway wrote a very kind review of the first third of my free/weekly webcomic series THE RED HOOK at Word of the Nerd.


"The Red Hook is a loving tribute the Golden and Silver Age of comics. It also a metaphor for the changes Brooklyn is undergoing that is transforming the community and squeezing its heart."

"Haspiel has leveraged the single panel vertical reading mode of Webtoon’s platform to showcase his artwork and storytelling technique. It is the best example I have seen of a comic book created natively for the digital world. I have never experienced sequential art which looks so organic and powerful on a computer screen or tablet device. Short of holding the original art your hands, the detail of the pencil lines can be best experienced in its single panel presentation. The vertical format also makes me feel as though I am propelled along throughout the story beside The Red Hook."

"The Red Hook Chapters 1-10 is fun yet heart-felt story with a strong connection to the creators and community that inspired it. It is story of a criminal with no choice but to become a hero, lest he die."

You can read the entire review here: http://wordofthenerdonline.com/2016/06/the-red-hook-chapters-1-10/