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June 2016 - man_size
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by man_size:

10:24 am: The Red Hook - chapter 9
11:00 am: Wizard World Philadelphia 2016
03:58 pm: La Repubblica: Imagine New York with other colors
08:55 pm: "From Water To Wine" - Jen Ferguson featured in The Brooklyn Paper

11:03 am: Zurxe reviews BEEF WITH TOMATO
01:43 pm: GOD SLAP debuts
07:50 pm: Word of the Nerd reviews The Red Hook

11:44 am: Moby provides original music score for THE RED HOOK

10:15 am: The Red Hook - chapter 10
11:41 am: 1st Annual Wendigo Productions NY, Art On A Gallery, SUMMER GROUP SHOW
12:50 pm: A brief Recommended & Required reading for making comix

01:27 pm: #occupyartistalley

11:12 am: The Red Hook - chapter 11

11:22 am: The Red Hook - chapter 12

10:58 am: Word Balloon Podcast: Dean Haspiel's Red Hook Takes Back Brooklyn
11:02 am: Comic Book Decalogue episode 11: Dean Haspiel

01:04 pm: OHIO IS FOR SALE book release party
01:10 pm: The Red Hook - chapter 13