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Dean Haspiel


30th May 2016

12:36pm: Why THE RED HOOK is a damn important comic book!
Fabrice Sapolsky wrote a very nice essay about my webcomic series, THE RED HOOK.

"Last week, I met Dean Haspiel for the first time. The Man himself. Meeting Dean was important to me. Not only because I like his work, but also because he’s one of the main creators actively promoting the Brooklyn indie comics scene. And I happen to live in Brooklyn. So it was like being a freshman to Brando’s Godfather.

Truth is, I fell in love with Dean’s last creation, the Red Hook.

If you have never read it, you SHOULD. And you can’t say it’s too expensive because you can have it for free on your smartphone thanks to the Line Webtoon app or on the web.

The Red Hook is a story about Brooklyn. It has superheroes in it. But beyond that, it’s a story about our medium. The comic book medium. Its roots. Its present. Its future. Its founders. Dean tells it himself, it’s a “love letter to the superhero comics”. And it’s damn entertaining too.

Meeting Dean opened my eyes. Here we have a creator who pours every bit of himself in the comics he produces. Sometimes he works for bigger publishers, but he doesn’t cheat. He doesn’t lie. He bares his naked soul to the comic book medium."

You can read the entire essay here: https://fabricesapolsky.wordpress.com/2016/05/29/why-the-red-hook-is-a-damn-important-comic-book/
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