March 27th, 2016


Comix autonomy

Metrics may disprove my theory but I FEEL like I'm a polarizing creator (not necessary in the negative sense but in the binary sense). In 2010, when I debuted CUBA: My Revolution at Small Press Expo (SPX) my book was met with a distinct "stink" of being produced by DC Comics (Vertigo), even though it could have easily been published by Top Shelf, Fantagraphics or Drawn & Quarterly. It gave me insight into a certain kind of "indie-comix branding" I wasn't wholly aware of. I felt that us die-hard, old-school SPXers (I'd been exhibiting at SPX since the mid-90's) had been trying to infiltrate the Big Two and other "corporate comics" publishers for many years with our subversive content and I was one of the ink-ninja's who cracked the system only to be quarantined into some bizarre section of SPX "sell-outs" or something. It was a paranoid feeling. I can understand if my book was shit but it wasn't (I swear). And, more importantly, it was hardly considered...barely perused. I sat at my corner table for 2-days playing a far-sighted staring contest with invisible crickets while 12-page mini-comix (folded & stapled the night before) were flying left and right. Again, a weird thing for me to witness. I get it. I get that a modern SPX is more about the DIY charge and bucking a certain kind of "old white dude" system. I just thought I had the kind of street credit (I've been an SPXer since its 2nd or 3rd year, hawking my indie-wares) that would forgive my occasional alliance with the Big Bad Two only to discover I had scarlet DC letters scorched into my chest. I don't believe there's an actual line drawn between cartoonists who hopscotch between the Big Two and alternative comix but nowadays you never EVER have had to indulge a franchise comic to read modern comix and make 'em. Hell, you hardly need to know comix history. Who cares? Maybe 2010 was the year that comix became much more autonomous?

MoCCA 2016

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Authors from Hang Dai Editions will be exhibiting and selling signature works, new and old, at table A112 at the MoCCA Arts Festival 2016, from April 2nd – April 3rd, 11am – 6pm at Metropolitan West on W 46th street in Manhattan. For more info about the venue, exhibitors, panels, etc:

I will be promoting my upcoming digital comix series, THE RED HOOK, launching April 6th at LINE Webtoons. Please be sure to ask me all about it.

For more info about Hang Dai Editions: