December 10th, 2015


It was us.

I haven't clicked on the FriendsWhoLikeTrump thing because, frankly, if you're my "friend" and you "like" Trump, it was probably in response to something negative and/or insane about Trump. Not because you support him (but, still, it's your right to actually "like" Trump if you're that stupid). However, I don't care if you like a dumb ass (I like a lot of dumb ass people and things and places) but what CONCERNS me is the ability to track YOUR Facebook behavior (as you can mine) and then knee-jerk JUDGE you for it and eradicate you from my digital life because of some taken-out-of-context algorithm meant to DIVIDE us rather than UNITE us. I find that kind of clickable hate-bait repulsive and disgusting and the embryo of what will surely destroy us all. Just like guns, it wasn't the machines that killed was us.