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Dean Haspiel


23rd November 2015

12:25pm: Carpet bombing and blowing up new TV shows.
Haven't seen Daredevil, SHIELD, Agent Carter, Green Arrow, Flash, Jessica Jones...none of the new superhero TV shows. It's fine. I will - maybe - someday. Meanwhile, I'm world building my own creations (it's what I do - so don't feel sorry for me) based off 48-years of reading comix, books and watching TV and movies, etc. Back when we didn't have a surefire way to destroy story for the sake of attention. And, hell, the networks who produce these shows are the worst offenders. They're practically force-feeding narrative spoilers because they're not secure in the product they're producing. As smart and multi-layered as TV has become, the shilling is pathetic. I guess that's what happens when you have too many channels and too many delivery systems to compete with. Might as well act like you're invading a small country and carpet bomb TV shows from airplanes like they're porno mags and bibles.
12:37pm: Instagram
You can now follow my picture posts on Instagram.

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