October 17th, 2015


Publisher's Weekly reviews BEEF WITH TOMATO

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"Haspiel creates a sympathetic yet magnetic protagonist in this complete collection of his Street Code comics and essays, which tell the semiautobiographical story of one man’s experience leaving Manhattan behind for Carroll Gardens in Brookyn. Whether it’s hanging out with an exhibitionist, getting wrecked by car doors while riding his bike, or taking on a Greek mobster at a Chinese food buffet, the protagonist leads one of those peculiar lives that graphic novels seem destined to present. The impact of 9/11 on New Yorkers is a recurring theme, and Haspiel covers it with sorrow and respect. Haspiel’s art is wonderfully immersive in establishing a sense of place, and he has a keen eye for balancing the humorous, the tragic, and the mundane. The book also features a series of essays that further showcase Haspiel’s ability to tell a great story."


FBI’s IncCast 142 NYCC15 Comic Con Chronicles Pt 1 with Hang Dai Studios

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"This week DW joined by Incredible Jeff start their New York Comic Con trip at Hang Dai Studios in Brooklyn and talk with comic book creators Dean Haspiel and Christa Cassano. They chat about some of their projects, how they got started, NY Comic Con and what Hang Dai Studio is all about."

Listen to it here: http://fanboysinc.com/fbis-inccast-142-nycc15-comic-con-chronicles-pt-1-with-hang-dai-studios/#sthash.sqnqpTrH.ycmvWXr8.dpbs