October 14th, 2015


Gowanus Open Studios 2015

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I'm participating in Gowanus Open Studios this weekend from Noon - 6pm, Saturday & Sunday. Despite chronic back pain, I was planning on working anyway. So, I figured I'd keep the Hang Dai Studios door open for people to ogle cartoonists in their natural habitat like a petting zoo. I'll have prints and copies of some of my books for sale, including a brand new Billy Dogma SLAM print. And, I'm available for quick commissions. The warehouse I work in will feature over twenty other artists, including painter Jen Ferguson. Hang Dai is also hosting artist Krista Dragomer.

Hang Dai Studios is located at 112 2nd avenue at the corner of 10th street in Gowanus, Brooklyn. We're on the 2nd floor in Room #30.

GOS: http://artsgowanus.org/gowanus-open-studios-2015

My Artsicle profile: https://www.artsicle.com/Dean-Haspiel

I will also be reading/performing Friday night. Here is the info:

ADDICTED: Music Video Launch & Salon
hosted by Salina Sias & Matt Mailer
Friday, October 16, 7pm
Halyards, 406 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11215


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Comics Bastards reviews BEEF WITH TOMATO


"The stories mostly fall in line with the “so strange they must be true” theme. Dean is our entry point into these strange stories; he’s our “every man” in a world that’s a bit weird. He has his moments too though, like a friendship with a woman across the street that asks him to film her trimming her private area with a giant pair of scissors. A lot of the stories involve Dean on his bike and that produces a range of tales. From stolen bikes, to accidents involving car doors, to the police and women’s rears. Let’s just say a lot happens to Dean on his bike.

The stories themselves are well told. They feel well-worn too. Like Dean just showed up to a party and was asked to tell a new person the one about the bench. You cling to his words and no matter the outcome they’re interesting stories. Some of them just capture human moments or insecurities that we all have. Others capture the craziness of New York."

"If you’re a fan of Haspiel’s then you should definitely pick up Beef With Tomato. It’s a wonderful collection of stories that are well told, but even better it’s accompanied by Haspiel’s talented artwork."

Read the entire review here: http://comicbastards.com/comics/review-beef-with-tomato/

The 7th Avenue Project interviews Dean Haspiel

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Robert Pollie interviewed me for the 7th Avenue Project. I was suffering chronic lower back pain and was high on muscle relaxants when we talked. I have almost no memory of what we discussed. This is what Robert wrote about our parley:

"If you’re going to tell cool stories in comic books, it helps to have had a colorful life and interesting friends. Dean Haspiel has had both. His dad was a writer, occasional street vigilante and confidante of Marilyn Monroe. Mom’s pals included Shelly Winter and the young Bobby De Niro, who was one of Dean’s babysitters. Dean worked with Harvey Pekar and Jonathan Ames on their respective graphic novels, and won an Emmy for his title work on Jonathan’s HBO sitcom Bored to Death. He was also the inspiration for Ray the cartoonist, played on BTD by Zack Galifianakis. We talked about all of the above, plus Dean’s beginnings as a comic artist, his love of superheroes and his own hero complex, his residencies at the Yaddo artist colony, and his latest comic memoir, Beef with Tomato."

You can listen to it here: http://7thavenueproject.com/post/131182473730/comics-artist-dean-haspiel

BBC: Why comic superheroes were born in New York

"The New York Historical Society has just opened an exhibition which traces the origins of superheroes back to more humble times in the Depression and World War 2.

The BBC spoke to the show's co-curator Nina Nazionale about an American cultural phenomenon born on the streets of Gotham."

And, there's a nice pop-up of my NYC hero, The Red Hook, which is also featured in the show.