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Dean Haspiel


28th September 2015

10:17am: Bleeding Cool: Live! From The Harvey Awards 2015 In Baltimore
Hannah Means-Shannon (at Bleeding Cool) wrote about my presentation at the Harvey Awards at Baltimore Comic-con 2015:

"Dean Haspiel spoke about his studio mate Seth Kushner, who passed away this year, and was a photographer who created many portraits of the creators present. Kushner’s first graphic novel, Schmuck, has now been released posthumously. He thanked Baltimore Comic Con for their charity auction, held last year, which presented Seth Kushner with a check for $10,000 to help with his medical expenses. “That’s what Baltimore Comics is to me”, Haspiel said, “family”."

10:24am: Comics Alternative talks to Dean Haspiel at SPX 2015
 photo DinoGregSPX2015_zpsfsyquzbv.jpg

Derek Royal from Comics Alternative spoke to a bunch of cartoonists at SPX 2015 in Bethesda, MD, including Gregory Benton and Dean Haspiel from Hang Dai Editions:

12:46pm: Comic Book Club: Dean Haspiel’s Got Beef With Tomato
Writer/artist Dean Haspiel returns to discuss his autobiographical graphic novel “Beef With Tomato,” and Pete gives everyone a French lesson. Plus, reviews of “Batman #44,” “The Walking Dead #146,” “Deadpool vs. Thanos #1,” and “We Stand On Guard #3.”

Listen to the podcast here: http://nerdist.com/comic-book-club-dean-haspiels-got-beef-with-tomato/
10:45pm: The Comics Beat: Live blogging the Harvey's 2015
Heidi MacDonald reports about my speech at The Harvey Awards during Baltimore Comic-con 2015:

"Dean Haspiel is up next and no one will take over under on him taking off his shirt. “There’s a reason I’m wearing a button up shirt,” he says to woots from the crowd. HE teases that he would have done an act to The Time but instead delivers a speech about the late Seth Kushner “Who was a great photographer and a studio mate of ours. he is not alive to see his first graphic novel come out.” Dino brings it all around to the family of the Baltimore Comic Con, and how last year a charity auction was held, and Marc Nathan gave a check to Kushner’s family. “That’s what I wanted to say, ‘says dino. “you’ll see me naked later whatever, but to me Baltimore Comic Con is family and a room full of beautiful dreamers. Plus my thunder was stolen by Bloodshot and his pecs. ”"

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