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Dean Haspiel


10th August 2015

10:48am: Phil's Reviews reviews The Fox #5
"The Fox has Haspiel combining superhero styles: the lithe, Ditkoesque hero and his family face blocky, Kirbyish villains, while the main bad guy armors-up like a ’90s Image character; it’s the conclusion of a five-part story whose idyosynchratic visuals and slightly-off-kilter philosophizing make it worth tracking down."

11:17am: Part One: My Evening with David and Dean – A Conversation in Five Parts
Part One of a great conversation I had with Jeff Ayers​ and David Greenberger (of Duplex Planet fame)​ during my 4-week retreat at Yaddo​ and a few visits to The Comic Depot in Saratoga Springs, NY​. Hosted at Fanboys, Inc.

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