June 10th, 2015


Black Panther sketch

 photo BlackPanther_Dino_zpszz1v6ubi.gif

I was asked to draw The Black Panther for an upcoming magazine article involving Marvel Comics characters. My first attempt was based on a Jack Kirby illustration and that's the one they went with (I'll alert y'all when it's been released).

I wanted to try my hand at my own version (sans homage) and did a quick sketch. The pose is wonky but I was thinking about Kirby's original design where Black Panther's features were more prominent. I was trying to hint at something of an African mask in the shadows of his face. I don't think I pulled it off but it's something I'd like to return to as Black Panther is one of my favorite characters.

Topless Robot reviews The Fox #3

"Haspiel's art is a great match for this story - timeless and energetic and vibrant, like if Bruce Timm was drawing comics in the early '70s. The Fox's villains are all bright and colorful, without a lot of menace but all with very fun designs. If you haven't jumped onto any of these Dark Circle books, but you're looking for something a little bit on the light side, this is a great choice."

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What'cha Reading reviews The Fox #3

"Haspiel’s sentiments are fully conveyed in the third chapter of The Fox. If you pick up the Haspiel cover, complete with a Billy Dogma-ish Paul Patton Jr. covered in smooches from a bevy of women, we’re immediately transported to an Eisner-esque tale of super-heroics. Paul Patton Jr. a.k.a. The Fox, is strolling down the street with a coffee in one hand and his cell in the other. Do we question a grown man dressed in a Fox like outfit crossing the street? No! And why should we? If readers can accept worlds converging and secret wars filled with battles than why can’t we accept a world of heroes and villains and… Madam Satan?!?"

"If you’re lost in wave after wave of comics while you peruse the shelf at your local comic shop, please take a look for The Fox. It’s the kind of book we need, but don’t deserve. And for that, I thank Dark Circle, Dean Haspiel, Mark Waid and Alex Segura once again."

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The Geekality reviews The Fox #3

"The saga of the Fox defending himself against assassins continues in this latest issue. Only this time, his foe happens to be a bit…how can I say? Diabolical. From the ten plus years reading comics, studying the writing craft, and becoming a bit of a cynic when it comes to what I enjoy as a viewer or a reader, I’ve found The Fox to be one refreshing piece of work. For those who have been following my reviews, you may notice that I prefer reading books that keep me vested in the story and the characters, push the boundaries of storytelling, and explore taboo themes. This book has a little bit of all three, and it shouldn’t surprise me because the creators happen to be grandmasters of their craft."

"What more can I say about this series? Refreshing, funny, exciting, accessible, and exuberant; the Fox is a book you should be reading right now if you like good old fashioned comics. The dialogue is sharp, the sequentials’ flow like fine wine."

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