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Dean Haspiel


25th May 2015

11:26am: Toon Books at Book Culture - Thurs, May 28th
 photo BookCulture2015_zpsw8ahx497.jpg
1:47pm: The impossible conversation
The technology and the culture of "social networking" is making it worse for creators to navigate and indulge. An ugly shame that publishers, editors, et al, expect - nay - nearly DEMAND that creators make a daily show of it while sacrificing the quality of their work and their life just to gain one more "click" -- whatever that "click" (clique?) is supposed to mean. I'm seriously considering bailing the digital water cooler - the impossible conversation - for a more peaceful yet proactive life. Let my work speak for itself.
4:07pm: Neither.
It's when you relax and/or go to the doctor for a check up that you discover how broken you are. I choose to do neither.
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