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Dean Haspiel


28th April 2015

12:46pm: GCE reviews The Fox #1
"The art is terrific, and the bright, vibrant colours by Allen Passalaqua made me feel like I was reading a Waid Daredevil comic, which is about the highest praise I can possibly give it.

The writing is just glorious too. Who doesn’t love a bad guy called Mister Smile, whose Smilephone makes a giggling sound every time you snap a photo? The appearance of The Fox’s classic enemy The Gasser is also brilliantly entertaining. The gags pretty much all hit, and its left me very keen to see what happens next. If you want a comic that will entertain you and make you smile, you don’t need to look any further."

Read the entire review here: http://www.geekchicelite.com/fantastic-fun-fox-1/
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