April 13th, 2015


Comicosity Interview: Dean Haspiel Goes On a FOX HUNT


"I originally pitched a very different concept to editor Paul Kaminski when I started thinking about a sequel to “Freak Magnet.” I wanted to do a story about a guy with no superpowers (The Fox) having to mentor a kid with every superpower to prepare him for the coming of a catastrophic threat to planet earth. Kinda like Lone Wolf & Cub meets OMAC by way of Shazam!

It’s a story I may tell someday, someway. But, as much as Paul encouraged my idea, he counter-offered a concept in two words: “Fox Hunt.” Suddenly, neurons fired into a wholly different direction and I started thinking about Darth Vader and Han Solo and Boba Fett. A million-dollar bounty would be placed on The Fox’s head. I just had to figure out by who and why."

"In the first issue of “Fox Hunt,” we learn a little bit about Paul Patton Jr.’s past while he does his best to be a good and present father to his son Shinji. What should have been a mundane yet sweet story about a father and his son visiting a small, defunct town being readied for a watershed that would have made American Splendor and Harvey Pekar fans plotz with glee, quickly turns into a tarot-warned, toxic mushroom-infused conflict between what was, what could have been, and what will never be for The Fox and his family."

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Dynamic Forces Interview: Dean Haspiel brings Dark Circle’s Fox to life

"I've kept some of the zany qualities that I liked about earlier versions of The Fox but “Fox Hunt,” albeit humorous in some of its wild absurdity, puts our guy through hell. He gets attacked by so many different hyper-focused super-powered hit men vying to score a million dollar bounty that was placed on his head while trying to protect his family that he hardly gets a minute to nap until he literally passes out on the street as more bad guys come dropping out of the air towards his unconscious body. The Fox can't seem to get a break. “Fox Hunt” brings out a lot of guilt and anxiety and makes Paul confront the man he is supposed to be."

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