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Dean Haspiel


22nd February 2015

1:54pm: GARBAGE PAIL KIDS: sneak-peek of French Kiss Trish debut
 photo GPK_FKT01_FINAL_zpsjok5y7mo.jpg

Hang Dai Studio mate Jonathan "Swifty" Lang (writer of FEEDING GROUND, and PLUNDER) and I co-created French Kiss Trish for GARBAGE PAIL KIDS. Here is a sneak-peek of her comic book debut in GPK: Love Stinks, published by IDW and coming out Feb. 25th, 2015

2:06pm: Collisions
I believe there is a chaotic energy that is responsible for everything and anything and, as a community and/or individuals, we contribute something extraordinary to the cosmic fabric of what is and what's yet to come. Nothing that needs to be lauded or feared or sacrificed to. There is no way we just appeared from nothing but there is no way we should bow down to it. We are the confluence of a perfect storm that keeps colliding with other perfect storms until something snaps.
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