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November 2014 - man_size
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by man_size:

10:46 am: Dean Haspiel talks about Seth Kushner on Robots From Tomorrow podcast #136

02:03 am: What'Cha Reading reviews SENSATION COMICS #4
02:04 am: Publisher's Weekly: Have We Got a Comic for You: Graphic Novels as Gifts, 2014
02:12 am: Every Day Is Like Wednesday reviews Sensation Comics #4
12:25 pm: NCTE: "Using Comics to Teach Visual Literacy & Storytelling" ~ Nov. 23, 2014

10:47 pm: Pop Culture Maven reviews SENSATION COMICS #4

01:42 pm: The New York Times recommends FEAR, MY DEAR in 2014 NYT Gift Guide
03:43 pm: New York Times reviews FEAR, MY DEAR