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Dean Haspiel


6th August 2014

1:05pm: Locust Moon Comics reviews FEAR, MY DEAR
"A 100-proof bourbon shot straight from the id & the eros, Dean Haspiel’s long-awaited passion project is a karate-kicking, panty-dropping, heart-shattering parade of bravura cartooning."
--Locust Moon Comics

11:46pm: Forces of Geek reviews The Fox: Freak Magnet
"Haspiel masterfully lays out the page in a way that pays tribute to classic Fox artist Alex Toth, as he keeps the action and your eye moving around the page. Monsters and giant spiders and different realms are depicted unironically and aren’t overworked. If you have fun reading Archie, you’ll have fun here. And that’s sort of the point.

From interviews with Haspiel you can tell he has a real reverence for the character and the romance of comics and the comics page and he just had to get this book out there!"

Read the rest of the review here: http://www.forcesofgeek.com/2014/08/the-fox-freak-magnet-gn-review.html?m=0
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