July 18th, 2014


Comicosity Interview: Dean Haspiel Crazy Likes THE FOX

"Frankly, I was getting sick and tired of all the murder and mayhem that has become popular in our mainstream superhero comics. Who knew the apocalypse could become so boring? And the superhero deaths? So many superhero deaths. So many superhero resurrections. Rinse and repeat. Horror is my favorite genre but I don’t want superheroes to be subsumed by horror. Didn’t the Joker once ask, “Why so serious?” I wanted to read and see the kind of comic books I loved growing up so that’s what I wrote and drew in The Fox: Freak Magnet story. I wanted to celebrate the kind of superhero comic book I love."

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Comics Alliance reviews THE FOX: Freak Magnet

"As much as Waid’s dialogue gives the Fox his detached slightly cynical voice throughout the story, there’s an amazing amount of character that comes through purely through the body language depicted by Haspiel.

Those floppy ears might be my favorite costume element of the past few years, but it’s the awkward, gangly limbs that really sell it. Haspiel draws the Fox with an incredible sense of motion, always bouncing around and, way more importantly, always nearly falling on his face. He sells the idea of the superhero who doesn’t actually want to be a hero and is therefore not all that into training to hone his body into a weapon against crime better than anyone else could, and it’s magical."

Read the rest of the review here: http://comicsalliance.com/buy-this-book-the-fox-freak-magnet-dean-haspiel-mark-waid-j-m-dematteis/

Pope, Scioli, Haspiel signing at Locust Moon Comics

July 17, 2014 @7:00pm until late night
Locust Moon Comics
34 S 40th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

Beat back the dog days of summer with one of the finest nights the Philly comics scene will see. Join us for an intimate celebration of these three cartoonists and their new books:

Paul Pope's ESCAPO


Dean Haspiel's FEAR MY DEAR

It's going to be a night to remember, folks. Be there.