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Dean Haspiel


4th July 2014

1:15pm: Fantastic Four #7 preview
 photo FF7teaserB_zpsdf390fe0.jpg

Exclusive preview of Fantastic Four #7, featuring my line art, written by James Robinson and colored by Nolan Woodard, coming out July 9th, 2014 from Marvel Comics: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=22464

 photo FF7teaserA_zps05bee028.jpg
2:11pm: Belle
 photo Belle01sm_zps94f2d34d.jpg

A week-and-a-half after Coco Pilao passed away, my friend Erin emailed me about an 8-week old kitty cat that was rescued from Belmont Racetrack. My girlfriend/artist, Jen Ferguson loves horses and illustrates regularly for America's Best Racing. She's quite familiar with Belmont Racetrack and the combination of that relation coupled by the beautiful yet sophisticated mug of "Pari" the kitty cat, won me over. Dealing with the emotions of losing my best furry friend of 15-years, I wasn't exactly ready to adopt a new cat but, as I did for Coco when she was lonely, I would do the same for her best friend, Miercoles, who was currently flying solo as queen of the castle and give her a friend to hiss at and play with; perhaps energize Miercoles' golden years with the task of growing up a young one. Belle is what I renamed "Pari." Belle is short for Belmont but also means "beautiful" in French. Big thanks to Teresa Genaro and her gang of girlfriends who love horses, too, but fight the good fight, rescuing animals in need.

 photo Belle02sm_zps7b429952.jpg

 photo Belle-in-bedsm_zpsd7fdb315.jpg
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