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Dean Haspiel


27th June 2014

10:02am: 13D reviews FF #6
"Dean Haspiel and Nolan Woodard provide a perfect nostalgic contrast sequence for the flashback of Johnny’s sin that is worth the $3.99 just to gaze upon."

10:30am: IGN reviews FF #6
"The main appeal with this issue is in seeing Leonard Kirk’s somber, moody visuals transition to Dean Haspiel’s Silver Age throwback style. At least we can expect more of that as this arc progresses."

12:23pm: ComicBook.com reviews FF #6
"Haspiel does a great job with capturing a Kirby-esque look to the machinery and various doodads as well as producing characters with expressive faces and spot-on anatomy. His second to last page showing the process Ben’s transformation is particularly noteworthy for its interesting layout and engaging design. Oh, and I would remiss if I didn’t compliment Haspiel on making the transformation chamber call to mind a H.E.R.B.I.E. robot without being too blatant about it."

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