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Dean Haspiel


16th June 2014

12:30am: Bill Sienkiewicz
 photo DinoBillSienkiewicz06152014_zps491c3597.jpeg

I had the great fortune of assisting comic book legend Bill Sienkiewicz in 1985 when I was 17-years old. I first fell in love with Bill's art on Marvel Comics' MOON KNIGHT (written by Dough Moench) and later helped him out on backgrounds for Marvel Comics' NEW MUTANTS and ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN (written by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, respectively). I was intimidated by Bill's talent at the time (still am), and never thought I would ever create something worthy of his time and attention.

This past weekend at NY Comic Fest, I gave Bill Sienkiewicz a copy of my new graphic novel FEAR, MY DEAR: A Billy Dogma Experience, and he wrote a very nice thing about me and the book on his Facebook page:

"Just read Dean's "Fear,My Dear" and it's Fantastic.
Inspiring work.
If I don't sound too much like the 'old pro paternalistic idiot,I'm incredibly proud of him. Not only as a former assistant done way excellent, and Sheer Talent, but as a goddamn human being-type Person.
'Fear, My Dear':
Shit. Fuck. Piss. Karate.
Buy it."


I can die now.
Thank you, Bill, for being a mentor, a hero, and a friend.
Love, Dean
1:31pm: Comics Bulletin reviews FEAR, MY DEAR
 photo color02_zpsb6346465.gif

"Fear, My Dear lives in a strange dreamspace for comics: at the same time an action epic, a philosophical treatise and the simple story of the gain or loss of love – all drawn in Dean Haspiel's typically thrilling style. This is one of those "stealth" graphic novels that seems to be one simple thing but ends up being a much more complex work than you might expect at first. If you like romance and action – and spacemonsters too – this is a book for you."

Read the rest of the review here: http://www.comicsbulletin.com/reviews/6849/advance-review-dean-haspiels-fear-my-dear-is-a-war-of-woo/
1:51pm: Publisher's Weekly reviewed FEAR, MY DEAR
"The style is vivid, with the strong colors providing inherent drama to mostly metaphysical tales, as Billy and Jane race through dangers both real and existential. The characters speak in their own odd, poetic slang, which adds to the overall dramatic effect..."

The rest of the review is here: http://www.publishersweekly.com/978-1-940878-01-0
9:48pm: Bleeding Cool on "Writing In Comics" panel at NY Comic Fest
When Bleeding Cool Hosted Dean Haspiel, Fred Van Lente, Justin Gray, And Dan Goldman On Writing Comics At The New York Comic Fest + Audio by Hannah Means-Shannon.

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