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Dean Haspiel


2nd June 2014

12:53am: Bleeding Cool turns 5
Who knew Rich Johnston’s red light/yellow light/green light confluence of comix controversy could transition into a premiere pop culture website in five measly years? (Raises hand) I knew. Besides free porn and pirating, the internet is ground zero for grumpy gripes and dirty laundry. Rich took the proverbial bull(shit) by the horns and made it his bitch. I’m not fond of that kind of stuff but, dammit, if Bleeding Cool didn’t tickle the primate part of my daily procrastination that gobbles gossip like the next fool. I hate it. I truly hate it but, because I’m weak, I’ll happily blame Rich Johnston for perpetuating the worst society has to offer. Luckily, I’ve had the fortune of meeting Rich-the-myth and, it turns out, Rich-the-man is just a fucking teddy bear. When I first met Rich, he’d just been slapped in the face by someone who’d had enough. The second time I met him, we took a picture together with our shirts off in a Latin gangster bar in midtown NYC. So, I’ve been privy to the softer side of what makes Bleeding Cool draw blood. However, Bleeding Cool isn’t all about Hot Topics. In the last six-months, they’ve brought dignity to the fore with the editorial guidance of Hannah Means-Shannon. Where once I used to hide under the covers to quickly scan the comix kerfuffle, I can now peruse with my monocle in public while puffing on a pipe. Who knows, maybe Bleeding Cool will launch into an initiative that brings peace to the comix community? HAH! Just kidding. Cheers to another five years of Bleeding Cool. – Dean Haspiel


10:32am: Fantastic Four #6 preview
 photo Fantastic-Four-6-Preview-3-2e3f2_zps4637845a.jpg

I illustrated a sequence in Fantastic Four #6 (coming out June 25th), colored by Nolan Woodard and written by James Robinson.

5:09pm: Dean Haspiel’s 35 Year Fantastic Four Dream Comes True
 photo FF5p5DETAIL_zps87496b84.jpg

Sweet article about my passion for The Fantastic Four by Hannah Means-Shannon at Bleeding Cool.

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