April 12th, 2014


THE FOX "Freak Magnet" collection cover revealed at USA Today

 photo FOX_COV1amp4_lr_zpsee13ba9f.jpg

"Because no one was expecting this series, I loved having a fairly open canvas to paint broad strokes with," Haspiel says. "I liked conceiving and drawing a story that spoke to the kinds of superhero comic books I want to make and read. I liked innovating old characters. I loved collaborating with great writers and artists who made me a better cartoonist."


Dean Haspiel at Asbury Park Comicon

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I will be at Asbury Park Comicon this weekend, 4/12 & 4/13 at table B-214 with HANG DAI studio mates Gregory Benton & Christa Cassano.

I'll be selling PSYCHOTRONIC COMIX and the new Billy Dogma poster SUNFLOWER KISSES.

Me and Christa Cassano will also be performing in R. Sikoryak’s CAROUSEL Cartoon Slide Show at 5pm on Saturday.