April 9th, 2014


Bleeding Cool likes FEAR, MY DEAR

"It was exhilarating to see the design of the book balanced to the compositional structure of the comics–that’s geek speak for the book is square, the panels are all square, and presented 4 per page or full page spreads. The “beats” of the storytelling worked so well when laid out in this way that the book harmonizes with the comics’ digital origin in a virtuous way. Billy Dogma, following epic struggles in love and life with Jane Legit, is larger that life and the format does him justice as he encounters alien forces, leaps, fights, and argues, and even descends into the underworld to grapple with his own hero legacy. Haspiel’s work takes to large format with unflinching and amusing bravado, and it’ll grip your own emotions with its relentless hero-arc explorations."
-Hannah Means-Shannon, Bleeding Cool


52 Explore reviews CUBA: My Revolution

"All in all, it's a well-written and well-executed graphic novel with a very personal tale to tale, and is very much a recommended read for a look at Cuba during that tumultuous period. It's a period that has often been written about, but rarely does one get as personal a look at the historic events as one does with this novel."

Nice review of CUBA: My Revolution, the graphic novel I collaborated on with Inverna Lockpez, Jose Villarrubia, Patrick Brosseau, and Joan Hilty

Read the rest of it here: http://52explore.blogspot.com/2014/04/cuba-my-revolution-by-inverna-lockpez.html