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Dean Haspiel


7th April 2014

12:03pm: Fred Egg Comics interviews Dean Haspiel
David Roberston interviewed me for his Fred Egg Comics blog.

"I was discovered by DC Comics editor, Joe Orlando (formerly of EC Comics/Mad Magazine/Creepy fame) and he liked what I did on The Verdict mini-series that I drew and co-created with writer Martin Powell for Eternity Comics. Joe recruited and hired me to pencil a Bonus Book for Detective Comics. He was a great cartoonist in his own right, as well as a kind editor, but what I drew didn't come out very good. I knew then that I wasn't ready for prime time. Hell, I'm still not ready for prime time. Anyway, I figured I blew my one chance and DC would never call me back and I started drinking a lot of 40 oz. bottles of Olde English 800 while drawing my Tommy Rocket comix strip for The Load, the college newspaper at SUNY Purchase I was attending at the time. Somehow, Joe took a liking to me and I got a second shot at drawing another Bonus Book only it was for Justice League International and I was asked to pencil AND ink the story. I felt I could redeem myself and I penciled the story as best as I could and then I fell off the college library, a three-story building, breaking both my legs (my left ankle/heel and right knee), tore the ligaments in my right drawing hand and bent the bottom of my spine. DC Comics gave me a little grace period to start my slow recovery process but, deadlines are deadlines, and I wound up inking that comic with a broken hand while sitting in a wheelchair. I didn't work for DC Comics again until editor Dan Raspler hired me to draw a Dr. Fate pin-up."

Read the rest of the interview here: http://fredeggcomics.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/dean-haspiel-freak-magnet.html
2:54pm: 2014 Harvey Awards nominations - FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION
 photo Harvey2014_zps9dc7d8ac.jpg

Calling ALL cartoonists and comix industry people. Please nominate and nominate well!

I have a some comics I did in 2013 that I'd like y'all to consider for the 2014 Harvey Awards ballot (due no later than May 19th): http://www.harveyawards.org/2014-nomination-ballot/

--THE FOX "Freak Magnet" mini-series (Archie/Red Circle) that I plotted and drew. Co-written by Mark Waid. Colors by Allen Passalaqua. Lettering by John Workman. THE SHIELD back-up feature by writer J.M. DeMatteis and artists Mike Cavallaro, Terry Austin. Lettered by John Workman & colored by Andy Covalt. (NOTE: JMD also wrote the entire 5th issue of THE FOX)

--PSYCHOTRONIC COMIX, written & drawn by me (HANG DAI Editions)

--THE RED HOOK, webcomic at TripCity.net http://welcometotripcity.com/2013/06/the-red-hook/

--"The Scales," a short story I drew, written by Josh Simmons for CREEPY #13 (Dark Horse).


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