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Dean Haspiel


17th March 2014

11:02am: Kickstart Seth Kushner's SCHMUCK
 photo SchmuckDinoCover_zps402d5279.jpg

I contributed interior & exterior art to this great project. Fans of Harvey Pekar, Joe Matt, Bob Fingerman, Woody Allen, Jonathan Ames, and semi-autubio comix will surely enjoy this graphic novel, illustrated by 22-artists. Check out the cool perks, too!

2:34pm: The Hour Cosmic podcast, episode 61: featuring Dean Haspiel
I did a wacky "The Hour Cosmic" podcast with the Multiversity Comics gang and we talk about many different things: http://multiversitycomics.com/podcasts/the-hour-cosmic-episode-61-the-mysteries-of-knish-with-dean-haspiel/
5:41pm: Multiversity Comics reviews The Fox #5
"The star of the book, however, is undoubtedly Dean Haspiel. Haspiel’s art in this issue reaches its most insane, and most expansive, with action and ridiculousness rubbing shoulder to shoulder on each and every page. And yet, his semi-autobiographical comix background peaked out through the framing device of the “modern day.”"

Read the rest of the review here: http://multiversitycomics.com/reviews/wrapping-wednesday-micro-reviews-for-the-week-of-31214/
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