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Dean Haspiel


15th March 2014

8:39am: The Riverdale Podcast Episode #106 With Dean Haspiel!
I talk about THE FOX on The Riverdale Podcast: http://riverdalepodcast.com/post/79645509371/the-riverdale-podcast-episode-106-with-dean-haspiel
8:45am: The Pull List reviews The Fox #5
"Artist Dean Haspiel is probably one of the most underrated artists working in the industry today. His animated and expressive style gives life to the characters and action, and gives the likes of legends like Bruce Timm a run for their money. Haspiel’s designs are incredibly Kirby-esque at times, but also shows his creativity, especially in the look of the villain “The Druid”.

Read the rest of the review here: http://sbpress.com/2014/03/the-pull-list-2/
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