February 22nd, 2014


A Case Of You - movie

 photo TVshapeshifters3_zps24621b35.jpg

A couple of years ago, TV/movie art director, Rick Butler (who I met on HBO's "Bored To Death"), hired me to design a few mock "Teen Vampire" book covers (poking fun at the "Twilight" book series) for a low-budget movie called "A Case Of You," written by and starring Justin Long, and directed by Cat Coiro, which came out Fall 2013: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1817081/ Justin Long's character adapts popular movies into books and wants to quit so he can write his great American novel while falling in love with a girl who works at his local coffee shop. I was supposed to get credited in the movie for my contribution but someone forgot.

Here were my initial cover ideas when we didn't know the subtitles or the exact author name for the three TEEN VAMPIRE books. I kinda like my subtitles better than the one's they made up. Who doesn't want to read "Planet Sad?"

 photo TVtrilogysketchcolor_zpsff0e088d.jpg

Here is what I finally submitted. Alas, some things were changed and only one of the book covers appeared in the movie at the 'book signing' which was filmed at Desert Island, a cool comic book shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

 photo TVtrilogy_zpsd45dab0b.jpg