January 25th, 2014


Scoop reviews THE FOX #3

"Plotter and artist Dean Haspiel and dialoguer Mark Waid have in the space of three issues convinced us that superhero comics that are actually, you know, fun to read still have not only a place in our world, but that we desperately need more of them.

Whether you’re talking Will Eisner’s The Spirit, C.C. Beck’s Captain Marvel, Jeff Smith’s Bone, or Mike Allred’s Madman, it’s clear that one doesn’t need to sacrifice action, adventure, suspense, danger or intrigue in comics. Looking at any of those examples or at the work of Haspiel and Waid, it’s also readily apparent that one doesn’t need to sacrifice the humanity, sense of whimsy, or personal spirit of the characters either.

The Fox is a breath of fresh air in a room packed with posers. This take on the character rewards its readers with a contemporary reminder that we’re supposed to enjoy reading comics."

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