January 9th, 2014


UPROXX picks THE FOX #3 as Comic of Note!

"Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid continue their snappy, lighthearted revival of Archie Comics' Golden Age superheroes. What makes this book such a joy, beyond the talent involved, is that you don't have to know your old heroes to get what's going on, and Haspiel has a blast sending the Fox through a Ditko-esque dream world. You won't find a book that's more pure fun on shelves this week"

Read more: http://www.uproxx.com/gammasquad/2014/01/comics-note-january-8th/#ixzz2pt3JUxhz

IGN reviews THE FOX #3

"This is a great looking comic, as well. Haspiel's cartooning is bold and frantic, perfectly suited for the silliness that fills these pages. He manages to plug so much character into the Fox's simple design, often with just the subtlest tweak of the ears. It's the art that really sells this thing, no doubt. Haspiel packs each page with tons of stuff, never wasting a page or panel."

Read the rest of the review here: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/01/09/the-fox-3-review

Comic Bastards reviews THE FOX #3

"Now let’s talk about Dean Haspiel’s art. This creative team has developed a world where it would be impossible for Dean’s work to go unnoticed. There are two particular pages that really stand out, but if you know me at all by now, you’ll know that I don’t ever want to give anything away. You’ll know it when you see it. Although, I would be discrediting the writer if I didn’t say that the combination of the dialogue and art in those specific pages didn’t make it complete. I’ll give you a hint. It’s a two page spread. There. Some of Dean’s best work resides in the pages of The Fox #3. His art in this book is display quality. I’m not even sure if he realizes it or not, but this stuff really is top-notch. I’m not an artist, but I know that other artists out there are noticing this book. The word that first comes to mind is “envy”."

Read the rest of the review here: http://comicbastards.com/review-the-fox-3/