December 30th, 2013


The Fox #3 signing at Forbidden Planet Jan. 8th @7pm

 photo FPfox3_zps45f8227d.jpg

I will be signing copies of THE FOX #3, alongside old time pal, Bob Fingerman, who will be signing MINIMUM WAGE #1 (15-years in the making), and Hang Dai Studio's mate, Gregory Benton, who will be debuting his gorgeous graphic novel B+F, at Forbidden Planet (832 Broadway, NYC) on Weds., Jan. 8th @7pm.

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Check out The Fox #3 trailer:

Exclusive The Fox #3 preview:

The Fox made CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2013 list!

“Dean Haspiel has long flirted with the edges of superhero comics while producing more mainstream literary work, but with ‘The Fox’ the artist has finally found a capes-and-tights corner to claim as his own, and the results have been outrageously fun. Hanging his hat on the basic concept of a superhero who wants a normal life, Haspiel has turned out page-after-page of Toth-inspired insanity that still retains the brow-beated everyman quality of his more personal work.”
– CBR News Editor Kiel Phegley