December 8th, 2013


Major Spoilers reviews THE FOX #2

"The trick of superheroes in these post-ironic times is in getting past the faint ridiculousness of the concept and finding a real human story to tell. The Fox manages to do it perfectly by embracing the goofiest concepts of Golden Age MLJ Comics lovingly, taking what works and tying it into a cool story, while not being ashamed of the source material like so many dark reboots these days are. (Yes, I’m talking about the New 52. But also about Marvel’s output, and even recent TV and movie adaptations, as well.) The Fox #2 is a trippy, clever, thoughtful tale, featuring a likeable hero, and delivering something that can be hard to find in comics these days, a fast and fun story that seems deceptively simple, earning 4 out of 5 stars overall. I’m in for the haul with The Fox, and I hope to see his adventures continuing in this vein for a long time…"

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