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Dean Haspiel


5th December 2013

1:10am: Wednesday Night Mass reviews THE FOX #1
"THE FOX #1 — I had to drive to three different stores before finally finding a shelf copy of this when my trusty LCS failed to pull it for me but it was worth the hustle! Emmy-Award-Winning-Cartoonist-&-Animator Dean Haspiel drops some Kirby/Toth justice on the page and then enlists Eisner-&-Harvey-Award-Winning-Writer Mark Waid to dialogue the business, resulting in a comic that feels as fresh and timeless now as it might have in the heyday of the Silver Age. I could stand for it to be a little bit more insane but I suspect they’re going to work up to it. Haspiel does cut loose a bit more in the back-up with fight scenes that are more evocative of Kirby’s work exploding off of the page. Maybe that’s because dude is fighting a building? The only beat about the entire thing that rang false for me was the allusion to the neck-breaking in MAN OF STEEL. I know Waid hated it, and so did I, but we ought not to dignify such travesties with a response. I certainly don’t want any allusion to that movie made in the middle of all this buzzing goodness, right here."

Read the rest of the review here: http://energydividedbythespeedoflightsquared.blogspot.com/2013/12/103013.html
2:03am: The Fox #2 - THANKS
 photo Fox2JHUPopeDinoCav2_zps03c0a7b2.jpg

Thanks to everyone who bought THE FOX #2 and made the JHU Comics signing with me, Mike Cavallaro, and Paul Pope a success.

 photo Fox2JHUDinoCav2_zpse502dac6.jpg

 photo Fox2JHUDinoPopeBBoy_sm_zpsf3ac84b6.jpg
(Battling Boy sketch. Pencils by Haspiel and inks by Pope)

 photo Fox2JHUThing_sm_zps5dc5269b.jpeg
(Thing sketch by Haspiel)

 photo 20131204JHUComicBks01sm_zps1b1e6f33.jpg
(photographed by Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo)

 photo 20131204JHUComicBks02sm_zps2196ebd6.jpg
(photographed by Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo)
11:08am: Every Day Is Like Wednesday reviews THE FOX #2
"It's a fun, funny comic book, as was the first issue, and it's rather delightful how different it is in setting and nature than that first issue..."

Read the rest of the review here: http://everydayislikewednesday.blogspot.com/2013/12/comic-shop-comics-december-4.html
11:16am: Comic Bastards reviews THE FOX #2
"Dean Haspiel’s art is just as good as it was last month, but this issue has some pretty trippy looking stuff in it. It doesn’t really take place in a conventional setting, which makes it really cool to look at. Allen Passalaqua’s colors really popped in this issue. Combined, these two guys really brought something special."

Read the rest of the review here: http://comicbastards.com/review-the-fox-2/
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