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Dean Haspiel


7th November 2013

11:01am: Crime Spree reviews THE FOX #1
"It’s a fun, pop-art flurry of action and wit. Haspiel has a wonderful animated pencil style that makes you want to turn the pages faster and faster. But you know you’re going to go back and read the book again for the story, and again and again to look at the pictures."

11:25am: Comics Execution reviews THE FOX #1
"Despite originally thinking it would be another boring “here’s how superheroes SHOULD be done” revamp, THE FOX surprised me with a lot of verve, wackiness and genuine affection for the genre."

4:12pm: Dean Haspiel interviewed on Comics For Beginners podcast w/Palle Schmidt
I talk about comix communities, THE FOX, Mark Waid, and the artistic importance of hair with Palle Schmidt at Comics For Beginners podcast.

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