October 28th, 2013


DREAMS: The 8th From Panel to Panel Exhibit of Comics & Cartoon Art at Medialia Gallery

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I will be showing some original comix art at Medialia Gallery and the opening is this Saturday (details below).


Medialia Gallery and New Approach presents:

DREAMS: The 8th From Panel to Panel Exhibit of Comics & Cartoon Art featuring:

Grey Williamson | Darryl Ayo Brathwaite | Christa Cassano | Jacob Chabot | Micah Cohen | Sara Corbett | Jennifer Crute | Delia Gable | Shiraj Ganguly | Chris Giarrusso | N. Steven Harris | Dean Haspiel | Jesse Longergan | Shawna Mills | Ayumi Mishima | L. Nichols | Ingrid Rios | Jess Ruliffson | Rodney Sanon | Regine Sawyer | Nathan Schreiber | Jodi Tong | Scott Wegener | E.A. Womak | Sara Woolley

DESIGNER TOYS: A group show of handmade and hand-finished work featuring:

O'bots by Onjena | Argonaut Resins by Eric Nocella Diaz | Avani Agarwal & Patrick Sellers | The Jelly Empire by Selina Briggs| Kilroy's Attic | Rex Kalehoff | Storybox Ink by Nelson Asencio & Manuel Jesus | Zukie by Alison Perez | and many more artists...

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 2nd 2013, 3 PM - 7 PM

Exhibit: November 2nd - 30th, 2013

Medialia ... Rack and Hamper Gallery

335 West 38th Street, 4th Foor, New York, New York 10018



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Den of Geek reviews THE FOX #1

"There's more than a little of the everyman, take-a-beating-and-smile charm of Will Eisner's Spirit on display in the pages of The Fox, and surely this is no accident. In a way, though, it's like Eisner filtered through the madness of the very best of the 1960s Batman TV show, with bright colors, clean lines, and dutch angles, where costume changes take place in the blink of a panel, and just as one cliffhanger gets resolved, you're off to the next. The Fox is retro-cool without being kitschy, and one can almost imagine its action sequences set to the jauntier moments from the Charles Mingus or Cannonball Adderley catalogues."