August 23rd, 2013


One Man Army Corps

I've always wanted to try my hand at inking my favorite cartoonist, Jack Kirby. Luckily, a lot of his pencils can be found online and I found a cool drawing of O.M.A.C. - One Man Army Corps, one of my favorite Kirby creations.

 photo OMACJackKirbysm_zpsfa31c154.jpeg
(Jack Kirby OMAC pencils)

 photo OMAC_KirbyHaspiel2013_zps701dc7c8.jpeg
(Kirby OMAC inks by Dean Haspiel)

 photo OMAC_KirbyDinoMortTodd_zps07716a8b.jpg
(Colored by Mort Todd)

 photo OMAC_Dino2013_zpscc39b3a0.jpg
(OMAC illustration by Dean Haspiel)