June 25th, 2013



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BLOOD + BRAINS by Jeffrey Burandt and Dean Haspiel was first published in December of 2012 in Image Comics’ Creator Owned Heroes #7

Pitched as a full-length graphic-novel, Blood + Brains takes the “vampires vs. zombies” premise, and pushes it to a whole new, adrenaline-infused, level, where the ubiquitous zombie horde is but the first wave of monsters our protagonists must survive as they head out on a death-race, cattle-drive.

You can read the 5-page prologue for free at TRIP CITY: http://welcometotripcity.com/2013/06/blood-brains/

News12: Best of Brooklyn: Comic book author, illustrator Dean Haspiel to release ‘The Red Hook’

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You have to sign in to see/hear it but Ali Wolf and News12 did a nice video report on my about Brooklyn comix and The Red Hook.

"BROOKLYN - A local comic book author and illustrator is working on a new story, and his inspiration is coming right from Brooklyn.

Dean Haspiel is working on "The Red Hook," with a main character based on the waterfront neighborhood.

The artist gave News 12 a peak at the book, and explained that “The Red Hook” isn't your typical comic hero. Instead he's someone who starts out selfish, but learns that he wants to help people.

"The Red Hook" is expected to go on sale early next year. Haspiel hopes to eventually turn it into a series."