January 14th, 2013


The Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency Experience with Studio YOLO + Shifty Goth

Hannah Means-Shannon wrote a great article (at The Beat) about the 2012 comix residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts and interviewed the cartoonists who gave birth to Studio YOLO and co-created Shifty Goth: http://comicsbeat.com/the-atlantic-center-for-the-arts-residency-experience-with-studio-yolo/

Also, "The Future Needs You," a new Studio YOLO jam debuts today! http://studioyolo.com/timeline/the-future-needs-you/

And, all the SHIFTY GOTH you ever wanted + more: http://studioyolo.com/shifty-goth/

"Shifty Goth is a malleable avatar that betrays the true nature of its author." -- Dean Haspiel

[SHIFTY GOTH cover art by Gregory Mackay, conceived by Dean Haspiel]
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