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Dean Haspiel


23rd June 2012

6:16pm: McCool & Haspiel's THE FIVE-DIMENSIONAL ADVENTURES OF DIRK DAVIES #s 21 & 22 + More!

Episode #21 IT'S MEDIEVAL http://shiftylook.com/comics/dirkdavies/its-medieval/

Episode #22 SUSPICION http://shiftylook.com/comics/dirkdavies/suspicion/

Blog 11 FREE WEBCOMICS. I interview Josh Neufeld, Mark Waid, Gabrielle Bell, Jim Dougan, Jennifer Hayden, Seth Kushner, and Jeff Newelt about free webcomics:


A Behind the Scenes look at Dirk Davies http://shiftylook.com/news/behind-the-scenes-of-dirk-davies/

You can read DIRK DAVIES from the beginning: http://shiftylook.com/comics/dirkdavies/the-traveler/
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