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Dean Haspiel


9th June 2012

2:07pm: McCool & Haspiel's THE FIVE-DIMENSIONAL ADVENTURES OF DIRK DAVIES #s 17 & 18 + More!

Episode 17 MEAN STREETS http://shiftylook.com/comics/dirkdavies/mean-streets/

Episode 18 RUNAWAY http://shiftylook.com/comics/dirkdavies/runaway/

Blog 9 STORYTELLING PROCESS OF MAKING COMIX http://shiftylook.com/blogs/dirkdavies/storytelling-process-of-making-comix/

"This part of the thumbnail storytelling process can often be the most grueling and wall-punching part but is, ultimately, the most rewarding. This part of making comix IS comix."

You can start reading DIRK DAVIES from the beginning: http://shiftylook.com/comics/dirkdavies/the-traveler/

MCM 2012: ShiftyLook in London – Day Two http://shiftylook.com/news/mcm-2012-shiftylook-in-london-day-two/

MCM 2012: ShiftyLook in London - Day Three http://shiftylook.com/news/mcm-2012-shiftylook-in-london-day-three/

Bleeding Cool reviews ShiftyLook and Dirk Davies in their inaugural issue #0

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