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Dean Haspiel


2nd June 2012

12:05pm: McCool & Haspiel's THE FIVE-DIMENSIONAL ADVENTURES OF DIRK DAVIES #s 15 & 16 + More!

Episode 15 BUSTED http://shiftylook.com/comics/dirkdavies/busted/

Episode 16 ROAD TO HELL http://shiftylook.com/comics/dirkdavies/road-to-hell-3/

Blog 8 LIMITED COLOR AND THE PALLET OF ALLEN PASSALAQUA http://shiftylook.com/blogs/dirkdavies/limited-color-and-the-pallet-of-allen-passalaqua/

Listen to Ben McCool and I discuss the origins of DIRK DAVIES via the ShiftyCast 2012 MCM Chat Show Special: http://shiftylook.com/news/shiftycast-2012-mcm-chat-show-special/

MCM 2012: ShiftyLook in London – Day One http://shiftylook.com/news/mcm-2012-shiftylook-in-london-day-one/

DIRK DAVIES via MCMBUZZ: "The story revolves around a 50′s style noire detective trying to solve the mystery of a corporate assassination. In the comic, if someone is murdered, you can bring them back to life by killing their murderer. The hero Dirk is also able to travel between worlds in his search for the killer."

Strangely Familiar: The Five-Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies by Hannah Means-Shannon:
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