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Dean Haspiel


13th May 2012

12:01pm: MCM Expo

I will be in London at the MCM Expo from May 25 - May 27, promoting my free ShiftyLook webcomic series, THE FIVE-DIMENSIONAL ADVENTURES OF DIRK DAVIES, with co-creator Ben McCool! Check out the events schedule: http://shiftylook.com/news/shiftylook-at-london-mcm-expo-the-full-schedule/

Click here to read DIRK DAVIES from the beginning: http://shiftylook.com/comics/dirkdavies/the-traveler/
1:28pm: Dean Haspiel at Atlantic Center for the Arts: Oct 8 – 28

I will be teaching graphic novels for an Artists-In-Residency program at The Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida from Oct 8 – 28th. If interested, please submit by June 8th.

1:30pm: Frenchtown, NJ
Yesterday, Jen and I took a road trip to Frenchtown, NJ to see local art, bury her two pet rats [Lulu & Pina] by the Delaware River, enjoyed a fancy dinner at The National Hotel, and visited horses at dusk.

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