January 11th, 2012


Well Being

Sometimes I forget I'm not "in this" alone. I felt so abandoned by previous relationships that I promised myself I would never rely on another human being if I could help it. Ergo, my panic attacks about life and career.

I discovered today that I couldn't smell bad milk. My hearing is bad, my vision is blurry, and I walk like a cripple. At least I'm getting my teeth cleaned on Monday and some of my hair is intact. I could've played a latter day Hercules in 1950s television had I lifted barbels. Nowadays, I look like an OTB Guy who bet on a few good horses. And, that's okay.

iFanboy reviews CUBA: My Revolution


"The narrative is very much the driving force of the book. So much so, that you need to make an effort to stop and enjoy the art. Dean Haspiel’s work is beautifully simple and evocative and supports the weight of the story. Art and expression are central themes to the book; I think Haspiel handled the interpretations of real life pieces of art wonderfully. But what really stands out is the coloring. The art is primarily black and white, but Jose Villarrubia uses shades of red to highlight elements on the page. It’s done in a way that compliments the narrative without visually competing with the art.

I don’t want to call Cuba: My Revolution a coming of age tale, it feels too trite. While it very much is the story of Sonya’s personal growth, Cuba is it’s own character in the book. While the two experience the revolution together, ideologically they’ve become so very different from each other. It’s a story of letting go of what you love to find new freedom."