November 28th, 2011


Newsarama: Comic Studies: Metafiction meets Autobiography

""Cuba: My Revolution" is written by Lockpez, and is the true story of her time in Cuba during and after the revolution. The entire comic is black and white, with a splash of red on every page; the colour used differently by Haspiel every time, to highlight or fix the eye on some detail. It is an engaging read, harrowing at times, with a real feeling of authenticity. The young Lockpez is idealistic and naïve, and her struggle with the country she loves is quite heartbreaking. The stylish art almost has hints of propaganda posters at times, panels and gutters are experimented with to add tension and fear, but rarely distract from the narrative. Most interestingly of all, "Cuba: My Revolution," unlike many other autobiographix, is published by a mainstream comics publisher: DC Comics' Vertigo imprint."

Please note: Jose Villarrubia won a Harvey Award for his coloring on CUBA: My Revolution.