March 25th, 2011


Comic Critique picks CUBA: MY REVOLUTION as Best Graphic Novel of 2010

"The exile autobiography Cuba: My Revolution lived up to the promise of its talent as GRAPHIC NOVEL OF THE YEAR. Lifetime visual artist Inverna Lockpez’ script uses essential words to sketch the meanings of moments and the truths of human nature (including those that were invisible to her at the time), and the book’s artist Dean Haspiel establishes himself further than ever as the visual version of the great literary mystery or crime writers; literally hard-edged but with a wide eye and open heart, setting scenes dynamically and peopling them with maximum sensitivity but zero sentimentality. Tone and color artist José Villarubia’s palette of moral shadings and pen of blood, restricted to black, white, grays and reds, completed the haze of hope and the defined determination of survival in this brave and honest testament."


I'm going to a 22nd Century Electric Porpoise Dance Class @6pm and then I'm getting my toe nails polished with psychedelic fur and then I'm heading to a Metro-sexual Pirate Wine Tasting where they serve Skull Butter and Duck Tapioca on Leavened Bread Bones and then I'm seeing a 4-minute film; "Inhaling Exhaling" in the back of RZA's "moving pictures van" which will drop me off at a book signing/reading of FICTION: A MEMOIR, written by an upcoming Twitter-auteur and then I'm going to the Hammock Lounge to rest my eyes under a hot cloth compress for 20-minutes while listening to a new/super-secret Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark ambient maxi-single titled "Yawn: The Contagion" before slipping into my tan Corduroy Muumuu and Carbon Footprint Resistant Crocs for the big party!