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Dean Haspiel


2nd March 2011

12:47pm: Long and Short Box luvs THE ANGEL
"Angel" in OVERFLOW Magazine issue 6, Summer 2010; and on ACT-I-VATE.com
written and drawn by Dean Haspiel
Haspiel's work always feels RIGHT to me, but rarely so much as when the main figure of this double-page comic falls-- no SLAMS-- into the ground and the textbox reads: "I'll miss you." A pseudo-Kirby, action-representation of emotion in line and color, this may be his best work to date.


Thx, Jon!

To see/read/experience THE ANGEL:

THE ANGEL: http://www.act-i-vate.com/109-1-1.comic
THE ANGEL - CulturePOP [w/Seth Kushner]: http://www.act-i-vate.com/104-15.comic
THE ANGEL - MOTION COMIC: http://vimeo.com/19466710
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