September 19th, 2010


Miami Herald reviews CUBA: MY REVOLUTION

Cuba: My Revolution. Inverna Lockpez and Dean Haspiel. DC/Vertigo. 144 pages. $24.99.

Seeing events and emotions through the sensibilities of one who lived through the past is the best way to bring life to history and history to life. Lockpez's protagonist Sonya is an earnest artist and medical student when Fidel Castro comes to power. She begins, as many began, elated and inspired by the promise of change, giving herself completely to the dreams and lies. Tragedy and disillusion inevitably follow. Artist Haspiel shows Sonya's (and Cuba's) conflicts and incongruities without getting in the way. The story is told simply, powerfully and with palpable emotion. The author, an artist and curator, provides Harvey Pekar veteran Haspiel some of the best material he's ever worked with, and it shows throughout this powerful and passionate story.