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Dean Haspiel


16th September 2010

11:31am: CBR: Exhibition Traces the Making of DC Comics' "Cuba: My Revolution"
11:32am: LARGEHEARTED BOY posts CUBA playlist by Dean Haspiel
12:09pm: WORD BALLOON podcast: Dean Haspiel and Tim Hall on CUBA, UNDIE PRESS, PEKAR and BORED TO DEATH
Artist Dean Haspiel and writer Tim Hall discuss the notion of giving free content to build an audience for their paid work. Tim has just created a new literary website UNDIE PRESS, which features the debut of Haspiel's first prose novel, Post-Disaster Adventure Chronicles, along with free audio books, podcast interviews and essays. We also talk about Dean's EMMY winning art for the HBO series BORED TO DEATH, new books from Marvel, IDW and this week the Vertigo OGN CUBA My Revolution written by Inverna Lockpez. We wrap up with their thoughts on the passing of Haspiel's frequent collaborator, Harvey Pekar.

3:22pm: Latina Magazine features CUBA: MY REVOLUTION
3:48pm: CUBA: MY REVOLUTION at AM New York, 09.15.2010
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