August 2nd, 2010


DEADPOOL 1000: "A Nightmare on Elm Tree"

Marvel editor supreme, Axel Alonso, kindly invited me to write and draw a Deadpool story for DEADPOOL 1000 [coming out this Weds., August 4th]. I was happy to receive the call, only, I've never read a Deadpool story. Excited by the challenge, I tapped current PRINCE OF POWER artist and studio mate, Reilly Brown, who cut his eye teeth on Deadpool, to school me and, after much deliberation, devised a short story that, I believe, befits the popular "merc with a mouth," as abetted by the coloring powers of Joe Infurnari.

Here are two articles about DEADPOOL 1000:

Here are some preliminary sketches I did for my Deadpool story, "A Nightmare on Elm Tree"


Ms. Friend

An incredibly polite and generous woman, my first grade teacher, Ms. Friend, was akin to after school television zen-master, Mr. Rogers. When my parents discovered I could draw, they asked Ms. Friend if I should take art classes to explore and hone my talents. She advised against it, suggesting I might learn to draw the way I was trained rather than draw what I wanted to. She made an interesting argument and I didn't study art until I was accepted into Music & Art High School where I rejected art authority and had a tough time with instruction. And, to this day, I still struggle with the act of drawing. I think you can probably learn how to do both; study art at an early age while being encouraged to experiment, as long as the art teacher doesn't impose their personal philosophy and, instead, allow for latitude...for chaos. Like how Brooklyn artist/teacher, Jen Ferguson, does with her young students at Possum Paint Studio:

I was born in May of 1967. Here are some of my earliest art works:

[December, 1973]


[date unknown]

My second grade teacher was named Mrs. Fairweather.